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March 28th, 2013, 22:03
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
What he said …

I read something about 'breaking new ground in the shooter genre' … and I can't help but think huh?
I don't know what the quote means, but in terms of how the genre is being used for story delivery - Bioshock Infinite is definitely a step up.

As for the shooter elements, no, I don't think it breaks much new ground. Well, except that I think the Sky Lines is a novel concept - and the Elizabeth companion is something I haven't seen done that way (or that well) in a shooter.

So, I think the game ups the ante in very significant ways.

I know how some games that are extremely hyped can create unrealistic expectations.

I did the smart thing and stayed completely away from reviews and didn't know much of anything about it before playing.

So, I didn't get that anti-hype effect going for myself, thankfully.

Games made with this level of passion come along so very rarely - and I think people are doing themselves a great disservice by reading too much about them before they experience it for themselves.

I'm not saying the game is objectively great - but I think anyone with a sense of people and conditions of the industry can see how much passion went into creating it. That's rare enough in a commercially driven AAA industry.

That said, with every game that receives enough praise and is sufficiently high-profile - there will be a powerful backlash - and that's to be expected.




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