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March 29th, 2013, 05:11
Your problem is very specific and I've not played in ages. You sound fairly tech savvy (given linux/wine) so my first recommendation would be to download the Infinity Explorer and Near Infinity and inspect that part of the map and look for anything odd. It may be possible to edit the area and put the changes in the override folder if you can uncover an issue. It may also be possible to hack in a trigger to move to new area though that is probably even harder.

Of course this is easier said than done but if you are dedicated enough it may yield useful results. Your search sounds fairly thorough so having someone know the answer for a 13 year old game is probably unlikely but not impossible.

Edit: Quick check seems to say that you want area AR0901.ARE. Not sure if the Psuedo-Portal Trigger is it but sounds promising. Basically if you do not have any hostiles and the global variable AR0901 is 1 then run a movie "creturn" and teleport to map AR0200. Looks like it may require Fhjull to be alive and Trias to be dead if I read it correctly. Anyway editing 0901PORT.BCS and putting in override could solve your problem. Near Infinity should be able to make any changes that you need if you go this route.
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