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March 29th, 2013, 15:04
Both "portals" you've described should work automatically when you approach them. For whatever reason it sometimes didn't work even on old machines and is Infinity Engine problem. The solution was to save the game, restart, load and approach the area where the portal is again.

There is also a third such place (hint: shard/desert) that is not a portal but will trigger some lines of text.

I've never used 3rd party fixes for PST as practically the only thing seriously bugged was the spell that applied on you an effect permanently till you or your party member die and is revived/resurrected.

Messing with scripts if you're not 100% certain what you're doing is not advisable. Infinity engine executes a script from top to bottom. If there is an error at some point in the middle of the script, instead of game crash or something, the game will ignore completely the rest of the script but will continue to behave like nothing seriously happened!

What does this mean? If the area script is returning an error somewhere, it's highly possible that the part that should trigger the portal is not executing at all!
How to fix this? Simply by moving potal lines in front of everything else. That way you're 100% certain the portal will trigger.

Since years have passed and I don't have tools to do it any more I can't help you here, but I did exactly that when I've made a fix in the script for "Bodhi not appearing" bug in SoA. She didn't appear because the previous lines sometimes returned an error (if a certain cutscene already played) which prevented the rest of the script from executing, in fact the spawning of Bodhi. The solution was to move the part that sometimes gives an error to the end of the script.
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