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March 29th, 2013, 14:24
Originally Posted by trias View Post
This is interesting, a four year old bug that you fixed only today, and now I have the exact same problem. Could you possibly upload the fix (that would really be useful) or at least describe it in more detail? I didn't understand exactly what code segment to move from exactly where to exactly where.

It's fairly simple, I'm not sure if I can upload the files themselves so I'll give you instructions and if you run into a problem I'll upload the file.
  1. Download & Run Near Infinity. Link provided by figment in post #2, otherwise head to Sourceforge.
  2. Browse to your installation folder and select the .key file to run the program. In my case it was CHITIN.KEY
  3. Navigate through the interface and locate "0901PORT.BCS"
  4. In the text editor part of the program simply paste the lines embedded as code in post #4 of this thread below the already existing code (starting from line 9 in my case)
  5. Ensure there are no errors
  6. Press Compile
  7. Then Save
  8. And finally Overwrite.
It's obviously a mere workaround. That shouldn't make a difference if you've already looted whatever there is to loot and are ready to depart but since all it really does is reverse the (broken) behaviour intended by the people behind the fixpack it couldn't be used by them and whatever error caused the problem is just sidestepped.

Edit: Heh, That took a while to write. Started before joxer.
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