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March 29th, 2013, 16:52
Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
The only edition of TDE I owned was the 2nd (the one RoA games were based on), and that one didn't exactly lend itself to "strategical" computer games. The newer editions seem more satisfying as far as character development and combat goes, but still… TOEE with TDE rules? Not convinced.
Well, you could play Drakensang: Thr River of Time, which is also an excellent game with the newest ruleset as far as I know. I found that the tactical possibilities were deifitely there. The problem about the combat in this game was…you might guess it: the real time component, especially combined with the AI and the aggro management. Meaning if A attacks B, which attacks C, which attacks D - and you move A, it became a total mess because the whole battlefield was suddenly running around and you had to adjust stuff by spamming the pause key. But as with the newer rules you have active skills like stunning, throwing to the ground, aoe damage and so on.
What I especially like about the TDA ruleset in comparison to the D&D Ruleset is that it feels much more free. You can basically do what you want while in D&D you are forced into a very strict corset in order to reach special prestige classes and so on.
That said the tactics in a combat can be very deep even without a very deep ruleset. If you take a look at JA or the first XCom for example - the character rulesets were not that deep either. The tactical possibilities however…
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