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March 30th, 2013, 23:40
A new major update is out:
In a nutshell, the major features of this update are as follows:

- Procedural spells
- Procedural weapon enchantments
- Procedural armour enchantments
- Procedural scrolls
- Play in windowed mode
- New graphical compatibility mode for older computers
- Changed the way that saved games work to make them more backwards compatible
- You can now take screenshots! Press PRINT SCREEN to do so, then check inside your SCREENSHOTS folder in your game directory
- Al-aeks will always start you near a town
- Smeggit has been immortalized
- Difficulty balancing is COMPLETELY different and poses more of a challenge in certain situations, such as going deeper in dungeons
- Lots of new voicework
- New things to find in the countryside (abandoned shacks and corpses and other lovelies)
- If you load a saved game that's in a dungeon, you'll load back at the door to the floor you were on, not at the start of the dungeon.
Haven't had time to really dig into it yet - have you played the update rune_74?
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