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March 31st, 2013, 12:47
Playing through Bioshock Infinite, and I think I'm quite near the end, but I think I have to restart the game. I've made the mistake of starting the game on 1999 mode, and kept hitting walls of difficulty, but somehow I managed to push through. But this time I'm not sure I can.

The most difficult enemy in the game for me is the Handyman, as he kills me in 2-3 hits, and so far I've managed to kill them by exploiting the environment, but in this particular area I can't anymore. There's loads of floating barges filled with guys with RPGs (and they're the best armored minions in the game I found), plus the Handyman keeps running around after me and the only moment of respite I get is sliding on the sky-lines, that is until he electrocutes them and forces me down.

But what's really killing me, is losing about 100 dollars every time I die and get resurrected. And I also lost my shotgun since I mistakenly took the sniper rifle in a previous level and the game either decided to take the shotgun away from where I think I left it, or I just don't know where the hell I left it.

Anyway, and I'm pondering restarting the game over, on a easier difficulty. Dammit. Maybe I'll just wait for the DLC packs which are supposed to be released and start over then.

Other than the difficulty issues, I'm loving the game. The world just oozes atmosphere and style. The story seems very interesting and weird, which is exactly what I like in a story. I like how it presents issues of racism, the clash between classes of people, etc.

My most favorite moment I think was
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