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April 1st, 2013, 01:23
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
Yeah, if you want to believe that…it had single player that you would connect online for updates…which was pretty much single player. You made it sound like there was no single player game in SotA until people demanded it.
Whatever Rune, if you feel the single player mode that SotA had before The Kickstarter is the same as DOS had, so be it. I'll just stay in my make believe world where the single player modes of DOS and what SotA had at the start of the Kickstarter are not equal.

Originally Posted by Roq View Post
I think (after initial confusion) that the main intention of SOTA *is* to be a single player game that follows on from and replicates the kind of gameplay that was in the original Ultima Series. The online bits are intended to augment that gameplay style and allow you to play it with a few friends. I don't think Original Sin is very different in this respect, since it's basically a single player game too. In fact both these games aren't really that different from say Baldur's gate, which also has a multiplayer mode - although no one would think of it as a multiplayer game.
Well I disagree. SotA is an online game with an offline component. The game was designed to be an online game. Going online means your game can change. Buildings can be added or removed etc. etc. The completely offline part where you never went online was an afterthought. That is not comparable to BG or DOS. Both are offline single player games that have an option where your party members can be controlled by other players.

My point is that is was a mistake for *both* Larian & RG to stress the multiplayer aspects of their games, since people are getting totally the wrong impression about the kind of games they are. On the one hand they're not attracting the MMO crowd, cos they aren't MMOs, and on the other hand they are putting off those who just want to play a single player game.
For Larian I agree with that, they should have addressed the SP component more. I think they felt that it having a single player mode was evident.
For SotA I think the pitch matched the game as it was intended by Garriott. In his past interviews he already made clear that in his opinion games should be a social experience and thus are supposed to be played with others without it becoming a real MMO. He probably did not envision before the Kickstarter that there are a sufficient amount of people that would just want to play his game without ever going online and just couldn't care less about the social interaction stuff.
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