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April 1st, 2013, 02:15
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For Larian I agree with that, they should have addressed the SP component more. I think they felt that it having a single player mode was evident.
For SotA I think the pitch matched the game as it was intended by Garriott. In his past interviews he already made clear that in his opinion games should be a social experience and thus are supposed to be played with others without it becoming a real MMO. He probably did not envision before the Kickstarter that there are a sufficient amount of people that would just want to play his game without ever going online and just couldn't care less about the social interaction stuff.
I certainly see where you are coming from with respect to SOTA and that is somewhat the impression that I got too, initially. But, the problem is that the kind of game which that would result in just would not work given other things that they are aiming for such as being able to take decisions in progressing your own personal story:

The *only* approach to multiplayer that seems to work outside of sharing a static MMO world is what Larian are doing. But, in that case one person is always controlling the story and the other person just drops into the story in the place the host has got to. The second player is not independent and must pick up the game where the host has got to. If you want to play on a peer basis with a friend you would have to both start together and play together throughout the whole game. This is really just single player gameplay, where a friend can play one of your companions (in the case of Original sin your one companion as things stand).

So, I reckon, if SOTA is not intended to be a full scale MMO (with a static world), it must be similar. I can't think of any other sensible approach of playing a story that will be at different stages for different people.

Finally, the disctinction is not between online and offline, but between single player gameplay and multiplayer gameplay. There's no reason that an essentially single player game can't require you to go online for some other reason than multiplayer (as we all know happens for DRM among other things). And being able to see housing, doesn't imply MMO mechanics for gameplay outside of living areas.
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