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April 1st, 2013, 11:13
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
The worst? They are not great, but at least they actually do something that resembles writing and developing characters. Most of the AAA segment has none of that, and there are few examples of AAA RPGs that have really done better- and then usually on a much smaller scope. Say what you want about Bioware, but they are one of the few developers that take character interaction seriously.
You mean you like their way of writing characters and I don't

I do believe they take character interactions seriously - but that doesn't mean their writing style will appeal to everyone.

I'm not saying they're not focused on writing, because they are. They just happen to be really bad at writing characters that appeal to me.

It's true that most AAA games don't have that much writing or character interaction, but I'm more engaged by characters in Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, Alan Wake, Skyrim and so on.

I think it has to do with how Bioware is obsessed with making their characters stand out and scream "I'm special!" at you through the screen. I just hate that.

They also have a REALLY unfortunate tendency to write contemporary and modern characters into their fantasy or sci-fi settings. It's like they don't care about the context of the environment and they want to appeal primarily to young people who watch a lot of TV.

They also use modern humor and references all the time, and I find it to be inappropriate if you overdo it.

That said, I think they're good at writing story in general - and I was particularly fond of Dragon Age and Mass Effect lore.




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