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April 1st, 2013, 14:28
Originally Posted by elikal View Post
The bottom line in DA2 for me was, the *my* influence, the influence of Hawke, was zilch. I could not influence the Templars, the Chantry, the Mages, anyone. Whatever I did, all turned out the same anyway. I was merely witnessing events. And that felt just wrong in a video game, where I expect to play a person with impact.
Hawke was just the point-of-view character of the narrative. It's nothing new in literature, comic, movies/anime, theater and video games (DAII isn't the only one, FFXIII/Oblivion come to mind). They are always hit and miss, because some people just hate to feel powerless in a narrative (or to be the puppet of the real protagonist).

If you could have influenced the events, you would have been the Big Bad of the game too.
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