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April 1st, 2013, 18:28
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
@TheMadGamer - I find it disappointing that they're claiming to need stretch goal money to add NPC schedules. I would have thought that would be automatic.
Given how far along they are with this project, I'm almost thinking that at this point, perhaps they should just drop this as even a consideration. If they reach some currently undefined stretch goal to include this, I fear the NPC schedules might feel tacked on and just for show without at least some noticeable integration with quests and plot and so on.

With my admittedly limited knowledge and experience with the whole crowd-funding concept, so far it seems like stretch goals are better suited to self-contained things like adding an area, adding additional monsters and things like that. But NPC schedules seems to be the kind of feature that would need to be green-lighted early on and inter-woven into the game as it is developed.

I thought G1 and G2 sort of raised the bar over U7 in this area and what I'm looking for is raising the bar from G1/G2. I don't know if that can happen now since they are so far down the development pipeline. I fear perhaps the best result they could achieve, since much of their game world is already developed, is NPC schedules similar to Skyrim where NPCs sort of mosey about to one or two different locations depending on the time of day but other than that there is not much to it.
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