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April 1st, 2013, 22:16
Originally Posted by ProphetSword View Post
At this point, I think I owe you a copy of the game when it comes out as well as thanks in the credits. You steering me towards Unity has been one of the best things that has ever happened. I'm rebuilding the game in the engine, and it's coming along pretty well so far.

Here's an early screenshot of some of the progress:

I'm really pleased Unity is working out for you, it occured to me that it might be good for this type of project when I was looking at it for other reasons and knocking up some prototypes. Can do stuff really easily that would take weeks to program in C++. Among (many) other projects, I notice that Guido Henkel chose Unity for his new project, which is also a first person party game: http://guidohenkel.com/.

The character generation screen looks like a big step forward in UI presentation! If you get the rest of the UI looking that good too, it could be a big improvement from a marketing point of view, I reckon (perhaps another would be to have a more original name for the project that might reflect the plot). Anyway, very much look forward to seeing future developments, so make sure to post them here. Appreciate your kind thoughts on the free copy and credit, certainly didn't expect that!

One thing I might add is that there are already signs of a big revival in this genre (i.e. step based party RPGs). Apart from Guido's project there's the new M&M X legacy project, a remake of Realms of Arkania 1, Lords Of Xulima and Cleve Blakemore's Grimoire is also… interesting. I suppose that's good and bad from your point of view, since it will expand the market, but may also raise the bar for this type of game.
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