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April 2nd, 2013, 13:01
I actually like the cash shop. I think it's a nice addition. I mean, it just gives the player more options, which is always a good thing. I have made a few purchases from it already and plan to use it more in the future.

Todd, I checked out a little of the rep traders in Evendim, but not fully. I did a bunch of quests to get some silver coins to barter with them, so when I'm back on I'm going to go there and see what I can purchase. Is there something great there? I saw a bunch of jewelry and armor and stuff. Is there something else I'm missing?

Oh, and it was extremely easy to gain rep in Evendim. I became a friend to the Wardens without even using any rep items or anything, just by doing quests. I guess that is part of their revamp. I was literally shocked that I gained friend status so quickly.
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