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April 2nd, 2013, 14:25
Whilst I think Sin's multiplayer is an excellent way of doing it, I get the strong feeling that perhaps the best approach to Kickstarters is to keep the message as simple as possible: The most successful Kickstarter game so far was Project Eternity: "We're going to remake Baldur's Gate and here's a nice picture of a waterfall".

If everyone on Watch and Codex were to contribute to a Kickstarter, perhaps we could raise a few $10k, but where does all the other money come from? How long do people look at a pitch before they decide to pledge or not, on average? My guess would be < 30 seconds and that a single HD piece of art, combat sequence, or whatever (e.g. Tides brilliant child mogul sequence), at the start, may be the difference between success and failure. I'd bet that a lot of the contributors to Tides and PE never played Torment/BG or any other turn based game close to the genre.

Perhaps, Original Sins problem is that it is aimed too much at genre fans, who understand the intricacies of this type of game, and there just aren't so many of those on Kickstarter as one might think.
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