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April 2nd, 2013, 17:59

We are here to provide 24/7 stable and professional gaming area for all MU players.
Desire MU is hosted on a dedicated server with all requirements to provide game without lags/bugs/hacks for all MU Online lovers and more…
To start playing, please download the client from here and register new account from here.

If you are looking for a nice server to play you have found it!

- Dedicated server machine
- Dedicated website host.
- Professional email & skype support.
- Very friendly and nice Game Masters.

General information

[B]Experience: 999999x
Drop Rate: 80%
Box of kundun in shop: +1 +2 +3
Points per level: 6/7/8
Maximum stats: 65534 (65500 is recommended)
Website: Desire MU Website
Download page:http://desiremu.org/index.php?page_i…loads]Download client
Active community forums at: http://forum.desiremu.org/

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