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April 3rd, 2013, 02:14
Originally Posted by Toff View Post
I'm an ex-PC gamer that prefers to play on consoles now.

I just would rather spend my money on other hobbies than a PC nowadays.

The console is cheap and the games are cheap as long as you wait a bit before buying them.

I don't even know how old my 360 is and don't care. Graphics card? Who knows and who cares. It plays just fine when I stick a disc in.
Games are definitely not cheap. You have to wait 39219 years and even then, you'll probably pay $20+. Compare that to Steam, recent games can be purchased less than a year after release usually for $10 or less.
Also, to play online on a 360, costs what, $50/year? Console's life is like 8 years so add $400 to the cost. Is it cheaper now than a PC? Considering the cost of games and online, I think it's actually more expensive (and that's not mentioning all the free add-ons and mods I get for games, like Game of Thrones for Crusader Kings 2, or the myriad free mods for Skyrim).

Now, console gaming does have a big + for me… playing from my bed
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