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April 3rd, 2013, 02:39
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
Think I saw that update, but forgot some of the detail, such as that you don't see anyone else in SPO mode.

It's still confusing: For instance, if you don't *see* anyone else, you won't be able to use player shops in SPO mode although you can see them (presumably). And when you are in FPO mode, in the middle of some mission, will any friends at the same stage suddenly pop into view when they come online in the same instance, or are they only visible in special places such as towns? I remember wondering when I read that whether they actually understood how their own mechanics were meant to work.

Maybe they'll handle "what we believe is their relevance to you" in much the same way as Zenimax mentioned they are doing in Elder Scrolls Online.
In SPO you may not see their player but you will see the shop salesperson so you have access to their shops, and if you decide to set up a shop they will have access to your shop so without getting involved in the mmo side you still are if you get my meaning. But that would be your choice.

New update with an interview with warren spector…in chat it was eluded he may be involved more then they can say at the moment.

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