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April 3rd, 2013, 03:18
I didn't notice that the armor sets were Kindred. I did notice that they were expensive in terms of silver arnorian coins, so I wasn't able to scoop any up. I'm thinking about going back and doing more quests for coins, or possibly hitting the auction house for them, if I can.

Loving the Trollshaws, though. Once you get the lay of the land it becomes easier to navigate. The questing in Rivendell is phenomenal. Did Bilbo's riddle quests and a few others, and they are very well done. Also did some Misty Mountains questing, really like that place so far, the little I've seen of it. I'll probably spend some time up there.

Didn't 100% Evendim or anything. Couldn't wait to get back to Rivendell, lol. I love that place. I did do the quest for the Silithar though, that was a doozy. Took 5 of us, heavily armored to run through that one. The fellowship almost died at one point too, as a few members left midway through, so it was rough, but somehow we pulled through. That instance was remarkable, though. I'm glad to see the challenge ramping up a bit the further I go in the game.
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