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April 3rd, 2013, 04:52
Indie developers Wastelands Interactive and Lucid Dreamers are working on a new fantasy turn-based 4X strategy game meant to become a spiritual successor to Steve Barcia’s Master of Magic, called Worlds of Magic.

I mentioned this game earlier this year so the original post should be in the forums. If you love games along the same vein as Age of Wonders and Fallen Enchantress please pledge.
“We hope to make Worlds of Magic something unique but familiar. Something with new mechanics and exciting features that, at the same time, reminds gamers of the good old days.”. ~Wastelands Interactive
The game has been under development for about a year, and now the indie devs turn to Kickstarter seeking funds to complete their title. They already have some pre-alpha screenshots where they show off the tactical combat. Unfortunately there’s no footage showing the main map view as of yet.

Check my Google+ page for more news as I update everyday.

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