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April 3rd, 2013, 10:11
I hear you on the dying. We had a full whipe today on the Grand Stair. Someone killed a Devoted which distracted us and Igash pummeled our healer. Once that happened a whipe was in the works.

I tried to take some action shots of The Grand Stair and Filikul (aka Turtle). Hitting N+F12+F11+F12+N while trying to tank and hold aggro is a bit touchy These screenshots don't reflect scale well at all. But look at my size next to the Turtles leg…

We has one unnecessary casualty when someone randomly jumped right off a bridge. Gravity in Moria is frequently lethal. I almost bought it to a troll punt myself. Landed literally right on the edge.

The Grand Stair

Filikul (aka Turtle)
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