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April 3rd, 2013, 13:59
So I've recently started playing Deus Ex, after abandoning it twice before. I just finished the subway mission and so far the game is good. Sadly there are some major things that just don't live up to my expectations.

While the idea of augmentation is great and it was very well done in HR, here I found it weak or unnecessary. I usually play stealthy/hacker type and augmentations didn't help me much as far as stealth goes. Enemies are mostly easy to avoid or knock down. I wish augmentations had a bigger impact on the gameplay.

Money has no value. Since there are no vendors except random soldiers/doctors selling a limited amount of gear, there isn't really much you can do with it. Gear is rare and I often find myself in need of a lockpick, or EMP or something.

This is just a rather general rant. I won't even mention the lack of c&c. Now the question: what am I missing? The game is enjoyable but it's far from being the gem that people say it is.

I'm thinking of buying Invisible Wars and Thief games. I know IW is not seen very good but I don't really care about that.
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