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April 4th, 2013, 00:37
They didn't really flatline more than usual with all Kickstarters, rather their original bang was maybe not big enough - probably a mistake not to stir the pot a bit more before the start, and wait until easter, and maybe until Torment and SotA drives are over. Apart from that I think it's simply less attractive for a lot of people to support a game that will be released anyway rather than making a game happen that will otherwise not exist. And finally Divinity, Larian and Vincke simply do not quite have the same name recognition value, than e.g. Torment, and Brian Fargo. I think people put too much stake at the reward tiers, everybody's a KS expert, and want every campaign to conform to the same template. That gets boring, actually. Personally I liked their reward tiers, especially the message in a bottle etc. is a fun idea for coop. I thought the OS + DC deal was great so I went for that.
Anyway, I am pretty sure they'll make it.
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