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April 5th, 2013, 10:29
Originally Posted by PetrusOctavianus View Post
Games are to be enjoyed, not to be impressed by.
I'm not impressed by the audiovisuals of old games, but I still enjoy many of them as much (or in some cases, even more) as I did 15+ years ago.
So, you're seriously trying to claim that "audiovisuals" have absolutely no effect on your overall enjoyment of any game?

Please say yes.

In any case, Deus Ex wasn't particularly pretty when it came out. Audiovisuals aren't really part of why the time you play it matters.

The reason it matters, is that Deus Ex was one of the first examples of combining stealth and shooting. It was like a marriage of System Shock, Thief and Unreal.

These days, we've seen many stealth games and several story driven shooters. But Deus Ex did a lot of unique things and that's bound to make a much bigger impression when you're seeing it for the first time - than if you've played games like Deus Ex: HR and Dishonored.

That's pretty obvious.
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