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April 5th, 2013, 15:15
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Yup, even though Infinite is somewhat streamlined and simplified in terms of the gear and the hacking aspects - I find the core gameplay much better. That said, I do think it suffers from not having a quick save option. Especially on 1999 mode - where I think the way checkpoints are spread out is just too punishing and I find it a sadistic implementation more than a challenging one.

I wanted to replay in 1999 - and while it's definitely doable, I think it's silly that you have to play 15-20 minutes between checkpoints, and sometimes even more.

I'll wait and see if they implement quick save in a patch.
I've played through 1999 mode right from the start and I gave up right at the last battle. I've tried it a dozen times and I kept failing. So I watched the ending on youtube, and I play to replay it after the DLCs launch. The game got me so excited that I got the season pass already.
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