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April 5th, 2013, 18:26
RPGCodex talked to CEO Stephan Winter, Writer and Designer Julien Pirou and Producer Gary Paulini from Limbic who are working on Might & Magic X.
Ubisoft is the first AAA publisher to venture into old school RPGs. What motivated this move, and how long has Might & Magic X Legacy been in development? To what extent did the Kickstarter-driven "old-school renaissance" and the success of such titles as Legend of Grimrock influence your decision to make the game?

Might & Magic X - Legacy has been in development for almost 7 months. To be honest, this title was in our minds for a long time… It was hard for us to be sure there was an audience for such titles, but many Kickstarter successes (all those old-school IPs and genres) and also the triumph of games like Legend of Grimrock (kudos to Almost Human guys, and thanks for this great title!) have proved the audience IS there.

Could you elaborate on how training for skills is going to work in Might & Magic X? When will you need to look for a trainer and when will you not?

While, as mentioned earlier, you don’t have to train just to level-up and gain your skill points, we did keep the idea of teachers that can allow you to reach the next tier for your skills.

You start as a Novice, and then you can become Expert, Master and finally Grandmaster by locating the appropriate teacher. Of course Expert teachers are fairly common, while there’s only one Grandmaster teacher per skill and they can be pretty hard to find. And when you do find them, you never know what they’re going to ask you to do before they grant you the title. : )
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