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April 6th, 2013, 04:14
NWN2 OC is actually pretty good. It's mostly pretty linear, but in its patched up state it's some enjoyable 3.5 combat, fair role-playing opportunities and there are some parts that are fantastic.

Mask of the Betrayer is just utterly fantastic, and you must play it. MoW and SoZ are pretty good, too. I think I'll rebuy NWN2 given the way the discount works, it's worth a couple of bucks to me to be able to just instal it from GoG whenever I feel like it instead of having to dig up all the CDs and instal it in the correct order.

Will probably grab all the IE games and NWN as well. Too convenient of a package to pass up. Some of those old CDs are probably lost to me forever anyway.

Edit: So by unchecking Demonstone and Dragonshard, I save 56 cents. Seems like I should just get the whole package.

Edit2: unchecking TOEE actually increases the price. I actually want that one anyway, but just an interesting observation.
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