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April 6th, 2013, 08:27
Hey, Doomtrader. Thanks for posting here. If you're still around, perhaps you could answer a question for me. Perhaps I missed it on your Kickstarter page, but I'm not sure this was explicitly addressed: Will there be a "sandbox" mode, not a scripted campaign, in which a single human player competes against multiple AI opponents?

I saw where you guys mentioned procidurally generated maps with parameters set by the plqyer. This leads me to believe the answer is yes, but I'm slowly learning not to make assumptions in this area. For example, I bought Omerta, ostensibly a strategy title, after seeing a video with a "sandbox" button in the main menu. As it turns out, that button is a straight-up lie.

As a strategy developer, I imagine you have noticed the trend away from writing AI. Want to play against someone? We'll give you a multiplayer mode publishers tell us everyone wants and simply must have in every game. Well, personally, I hate multiplayer and would like to shove the publishers' (or developers') easier alternative down their throats. Sadly, it seems to me, decent AI in single player is quickly going the way of the dodo, but it's just this kind of rare bird I'd be glad to support.
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