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April 6th, 2013, 16:35
Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
This is the kinda thing I love to see! Bring on the sandbox!

I'd say I can't believe 70,000 pledged for Torment and Eternity each but only 7000 for DOS so far, but then I remember Fallout3 was an FPS.

Enjoy "what you want", fools!
Err, what does Fallout 3 have to do with the issue???

I think there are several reasons why OS is less popular than e.g. Torment and Eternity. E.g. it will be released anyway (less incentive to support than something that will not exist unless funded), more illustrious "ancestry" (Divinity versus PS:T or "all infinity engine games, just better!"), name recognition (Fargo, Avellone vs. Vinke), timing (two high profile campaigns already running, easter weekend), etc., etc.
Also those two are the top funded RPGs to date, they are rather the exeption than the norm. I think DOS is doing reasonably well - they haven't had a huge startup surge, because they kind of blew the start of the campaign, but they have had a solid 20k / day since.
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