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April 6th, 2013, 17:56
Originally Posted by Myrthos View Post
The talk about single player is confusing sometimes as there are two different modes, offline and online and I'm not always sure what is referred to. Also if I remember correctly single player offline isn't one hundred percent possible as the game will occasionally force you to go online in single player online to continue the story.
In addition I do remember RG's interviews in the last years where it became obvious that single player offline games are not the games he wants to develop as the future lies elsewhere in his opinion. Those statements and the point that they did not factor in a single player offline mode in the design before they started this Kickstarter are in strong contrast with this same design now having a full fledged single player offline experience. So yes, I'm sceptic. Single player offline does not appear to be where his heart is.
Agree with this. I just dont think his heart is in a single player game, it feels to much like they are taking that on to get more kickstarter monies. This combined with the fact that you have to spend well over 100$ to get any physical goods means its a no go for me. Love LOVE the Ultima's games they are a big part of my child hood but this just doesnt look like my kind of game. If I am wrong I will just pick it up later when we find out what it really is.
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