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April 6th, 2013, 19:41
Originally Posted by Myrthos View Post
You could be right, but it says this on one of their updates:

It doesn't state this does not apply to the offline mode.
I'm not sure what you are going on about. There are two versions of single player. One is a SPO - single player online the other is SP offline. Single player offline will never be online. That is purely on your machine.

SPO you will see things in the world that affect the whole world…like player shops and stuff that you can buy things from…and game events. You will not see any other players and y our story will be purely you by yourself.

You cannot transfer an offline character to online, so you will never have to connect. I think you would for patches, just like every other game.

The benefits of SPO is you can step it up to FPO - friends play online…where people you want to play with are there…and OPO which is all players, but much smaller then a true MMO. However, and I stress this you do not have to go beyond SPO if you don't want to. YOu can play completely offline and not see online things if you want to.

The confusion about there not being a single player mode is simply the fact they didn't really plan to have a completely offline mode because they thought everyone would want the benefits of being online such as shops from players.

I hope that clears that up, they consistently mention they want all the best things from U7 in the game…Richard says he is trying something new.

EDIT: you as the player have the ability to switch the mode you are playing in.

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