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April 6th, 2013, 20:26
Originally Posted by Myrthos View Post
The talk about single player is confusing sometimes as there are two different modes, offline and online and I'm not always sure what is referred to.
I agree. My take on this is that Richard has stated a couple of times now that he wants to change the multiplayer paradigm to something different from what is currently known as mainstream MMOs (i.e. wow, EQ etc.)

But my impression is that although he may have some ideas about how to create a rich story driven multiplayer experience, clearly those ideas are in their infancy. And since this is a kickstarter, we as backers are somewhat privy to much more of the brainstorming going on behind the scenes that under a conventional developer-publisher framework we (as players) would have very controlled and highly limited access to - at least during the development cycle.

So I think all this results in a sort of conflated back-and-forth between him and his team and the backers and we constantly are asking ourselves, 'wait, does that apply to single player' and things of that nature.

Originally Posted by Myrthos View Post
In addition I do remember RG's interviews in the last years where it became obvious that single player offline games are not the games he wants to develop as the future lies elsewhere in his opinion.
This is what nags at me also in combination with the fact that when you take a look at the questions many backers are asking about in interviews, the main focus of the questions from PLAYERS is about all things multiplayer. I continue feeling I'm really not part of the target demographic by SOME of the things RG states and by MANY of the questions backers are asking. I'm definitely feeling like I'm a solo-player minority in a sea of UO players.
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