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April 7th, 2013, 00:58
No One Lives Forever (NOLF) and No One Lives Forever 2 definitely has a special place in many gamers library's.

At this point though no one knows if there is going to be a continuation in the series. The primary issues is that it's hard to say who actually owns the rights to NOLF. The IP was formerly with Vivendi Games, which later merged with Activision.

However it's not as simple as that. Here's what Dan Amrich, Social Media Manager at Activision, had to say on the subject-
The person that I normally talk to about this stuff does not believe that we currently the rights. They've never seen it, they've never been given the permission to put that stuff on Good Old Games. He said, basically, 'If we had it, I would love to be able to reissue those old games.' So, that leaves the question if Activision no longer has the rights to No One Lives Forever, who does? Monolith was the developer that handled those games, and they are now part of WB. So I thought, maybe at the time when Activision was saying 'we'll keep these, we'll leave these, we'll sell these, whatever,' maybe Monolith stepped up and took their IP back. So I contacted a friend at Monolith… and he doesn't know. Uh, so, unfortunately, all I can definitively say is that at this time I do not believe that Activision has the rights to No One Lives Forever.
Link- http://oneofswords.com/2013/04/one-o…orever-rights/

All I can say is what a shame. This seems to be the main problem for allot of older ip's that gamers want remade. No one knows who owns what. GOG expressed an interest in releasing them on there service, but that is stalled all because of this.
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