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April 7th, 2013, 11:35
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
At the moment, food stocks look like they are competing means to healing and sustaining oneself.

I wonder in which direction it is going to tip. Food consumption can be inflated through healing as you go through combat and your party consumes food each time you rest. Or distance between locations could be enough for food to be consumed only to sustain the party's members. In that case, hunting, harvesting turn relevant activities that were not added to superficially meet inflated design goals.
I notice (from the death penalty blog) that there is a separate "wounded" state that will affect a character's stats even if they are healed back to full health with respect to hit points. Curing that wounded state will then require rest and consume food. They also say that a "grand cleric" in your party can cure wounds, no doubt though that will be an expensive spell that will also require resting before it can be reused.
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