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April 7th, 2013, 22:34
Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
Hey guys,

I hope you don't meet your 800k stretch goal.

All the best,
Yes, well, I like the 1m stretch goal enough that I hope your hope is left unfulfilled… Anyhoo, I think the 800k stretch goal is fine as it doesn't necessarily detract from the main game. Who's to say that companions aren't optional or that henchmen have been completely removed(or that a mod couldn't easily remedy this)? The 800k stretch is aimed squarely at enticing bioware fanboys. Which is fine, mo money mo betta.

I'm pretty stoked for this KS. So much so, that I posted on an Overclocking forum I used to frequent(now rarely) in the hopes it would give Original Sin some more exposure.

Just a random tangetial thought here…

Inxile -> WL2 -> TToN

Obsidian -> PE -> ???

Hey, maybe MCA playing Arcanum is a sign. Arcanum spiritual successor next? If there is one game that could really get me to drop some serious pocket change it would be an Arcanum, my personal favorite cRPG.
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