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April 8th, 2013, 02:44
Originally Posted by jhwisner View Post
I think, based on his experience so far with Arcanum as far as the let's plays go, that if he were to do a spiritual successor to Arcanum that it might be a bit rough. That is to say that from his experience at present he might imagine a game in which you are repeatedly and consistently slaughtered by wolves to be an apt spiritual successor.
Actually, I was thinking MCA's involvement would be minimal at best since he really wasn't a part of the original… and he has a lot on his plate otherwise. I just meant it was a sign from a publicity perspective, IE getting the name out there and on peoples minds… Tim is still staying with Obsidian, right? I would rather he lead it's design.


Sorry, will stop with the derail. Still pumped to see what comes of this KS. I have my fingers crossed Larian will hit their 1 million stretch goal.
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