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April 8th, 2013, 09:01
Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
Maybe then the main reason for the kickstarter is that they had enough already to make the single player game but not enough for the multiplayer portion (mmorpgs cost much more to make then srpgs for the most part) so they needed more money for it. That would explain the multiplayer focus for the kickstarter.
I don't think so. As Rune has pointed out before there already was a single player game from the start. It was however an online single player mode. What I think TheMadGamer was referring to and I am as well is the offline single player mode.
That is the mode that wasn't there at the start. At that point in time single player was envisioned to be online only.
From what I have read I get the impression that single player offline is just like how single player online is at the start, with the exception that you are not online and don't see any of the changes to the environment and the game itself in time. As an example was given that you don't see any of the shops other players have created.

With RG's obvious focus on online gaming before the Kickstarter and all the talk about the wonderful online features I just hope there is a good offline single player game in the end.
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