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April 8th, 2013, 14:12
Originally Posted by Myrthos View Post
I don't think so. As Rune has pointed out before there already was a single player game from the start. It was however an online single player mode. What I think TheMadGamer was referring to and I am as well is the offline single player mode.
That is the mode that wasn't there at the start. At that point in time single player was envisioned to be online only.
From what I have read I get the impression that single player offline is just like how single player online is at the start, with the exception that you are not online and don't see any of the changes to the environment and the game itself in time. As an example was given that you don't see any of the shops other players have created.

This leads me back to thinking that the offline single player game was much further along and would have been finished even without the kickstarter and that (again) the kickstarter was meant for the multiplayer. The online single player was thought up because maybe people that want to play the single player game may want the extras that come only from playing online so now people that play single player can get those things also.

With RG's obvious focus on online gaming before the Kickstarter and all the talk about the wonderful online features I just hope there is a good offline single player game in the end.
Like I have been saying for awhile offline single player has been in since the kickstarter began.

Multiplayer?! But what if I want to play offline?

The game can be played offline, no connection required. The character used for the offline version of the game will not be useable in the online version of the game for obvious exploit/hacking reasons. We are going to investigate ways to export your online character to the single player version of the game but the offline character will not be importable into the online version.
The above is from the FAQ on the Kickstarter page and was there on day 1 and from the answer it may have been where the online single player version was the actual afterthough since they refer in the quote as the offline version being "the single player version of the game". I expect that people are confusing the offline with the online single player when it comes to what came after the kickstarter started.
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