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April 8th, 2013, 15:16
I guess name recognition is everything with kickstarters. This game sounds every bit as good or better than games like project eternity, torment, shroud, etc.

I just can't understand the underwhelming response and funding. At this point I would pull my funding from all my other kickstarters to fund this one if I could. I know everyone has different tastes but there really should be more interest out there and a feeding frenzy here at the watch. They seem to be addressing just about every issue I've read over and over here about what's lacking in modern RPG's.

As I said I know it's all personal interests and the like but I'm baffled that this game isn't soaring through 1,2,3 million and beyond in funding.

I only had time to watch about 20 min of that video but it needs to be plastered everywhere. I've heard some complain that their videos are too long and such but if you watch them you get a very clear idea of what this game will be. I've followed other kickstarts for a full month and wasn't really sure by the end what the were making so I guess I don't understand the video is too Long complaint.

Anyway, sorry for the rant but I sorta kinda like this game.
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