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April 8th, 2013, 15:31
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
I just can't understand the underwhelming response and funding. At this point I would pull my funding from all my other kickstarters to fund this one if I could. I know everyone has different tastes but there really should be more interest out there and a feeding frenzy here at the watch. They seem to be addressing just about every issue I've read over and over here about what's lacking in modern RPG's.
The problem I see with Original Sin (and the reason why I'd never plede 100+ $ to it as I've done with others) is that it doesn't have anything that sets it apart. This problem actually permeates all the Divinity's. There's some humour, some world interactivity, combat is some fun as is character building (huge number of skills but many balancing issues).

If you liked the IE games, or DnD games in general, P:E is your best bet. Torment is great if you're into story. Shroud is for fags people who liked Ultima Online, or who just have a crush on RG. With Original Sin, right now, I really don't know what kind of gamer I'd recommend it to (I know who not to recommend it to though due to it being turn based generic fantasy). There are some novel elements like drop-in multiplayer and the stat driven banter that I'm unsure about how it will play out.
I've liked DivDiv very much, disliked BeyondDiv very much, and have never played DKS (due to old hardware when it came out). If they just meet their funding goal and ship a decent game, I'll be happy and pick it up. The stretch goals really aren't things that would make the game much better for my taste.




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