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April 8th, 2013, 18:26
I was cheering in the part of the video where he talks about rewarding exploration. I think Swen really nails it.

I watched Parenthood with my wife last night - it was movie night, her pick. One of the themes of the movie is how kids are being raised sans risk and reward. The baseball scene in that movie is hilarious when you discover that nobody ever strikes out because the rules are that the pitcher keeps pitching until the batter hits the ball. And then you learn that all games end in a tie so that nobody loses.

RPGs in general have become this. They lead you around by the nose, keep you safe with scaling, and never evoke much emotion in part because they never piss you off anymore with their difficulty and rarely elevate you with their their rewards - it's all level-scaled same-y same-y through and through.

As much as early RPGs used to piss me off with how hard they were, now I know why I have such fond memories of those games - because they were freaking hard, sometimes even unfair, but the satisfaction of beating them was great. I'm even starting to miss the death consequences of the early EQ1 days… it really made the game world a dangerous place to be respected - every step further into the game world was a reward in itself when you didn't get snuffed out.
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