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April 8th, 2013, 19:13
Originally Posted by Dr. A View Post
For example, I loved how punishing the early levels were in Gothic 2: NoTR (as well as the painful controls in Gothic 1 )
I agree. Hard = bad these days and I think that equation is false. Perhaps to the casual gaming audience hard=bad=true but then there's the rest of us who want difficulty.

When it comes to replay value, many people focus on choice and consequence and character development. Those two things are certainly worthy reasons to replay a game. But after I finish up a game, in addition to taking different paths with C&C and character development, I like seeking out weapons, armor, & items (that you can only know about by having played the game) that give me an edge over creatures who are around my level. For example, that shrine near the bandit camp in G2 is something I try to beat as early on as I can (and damn that place is hard early on). But if you can beat it, you get some items that really give you a leg up for a while. Can't do that in Skyrim with the scaling - at least not without mods or cheating.

I can't say that I share your sentiments for the controls in G1. In fact, it was the controls in that game that made me lose interest at first. But then over a year later I fired G1 up again, stopped wimping out over the controls, and discovered the great game that is G1. And then I discovered that the controls were actually quite efficient - those darn Germans and their efficiency…

Originally Posted by Dr. A View Post
And how I love exploration! Laboriously checking every nook and cranny for goodies and hidden things. Walking off the beaten path and suddenly you're in the middle of some madcap epic adventure.
I love exploration that rewards the player beyond just providing pretty scenery - which sadly is mostly what games offer in terms of exploration. Pretty scenery is nice but gets old quickly. Discovering treasures, quests and stuff like that are things I enjoy very much - even more so than combat, character development, and C&C even. Even in my older age, I still enjoy Easter Egg hunts and my kids have to compete with me. On my 40th birthday my wife made me a treasure hunt to find my present. I'm a nut for exploration and discovery. If I didn't need a job and I had no family I'd probably be one of those weird dudes with the metal detectors searching for crap in the sand at the beach.
If I'm right but there is no wife around to acknowledge it, am I still right?
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