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April 8th, 2013, 20:43
Well, it's disappointing if the next generation of consoles start off being below the upper end of PC-based CPU+GPU perf (assuming that's true) - we'll be stuck with them for 8-10 years (?) While it will be a huge boost for those who only care about consoles or have aging PC's, it means that, once again, the full power of PCs will not be exploited in 'next gen games'. Well, not to the extent its should be. Still, I suppose we PC users need to be aware of our place and be thankful we have been tossed this bone - so at least there will be a perf jump in game capabilities in the near future.

And beyond GPUs, we have Intel's MIC arch. debuting soon - that will have many more cores than the conventional 4/6/8 hyper-threaded CPUs and could (will?) leave this setup looking positively ancient in the next few years. Of course, we probably won't know what we're missing on higher-end PCs because developers will be coding for 'next-gen' consoles.
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