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April 9th, 2013, 06:31
Originally Posted by Dr. A View Post
It's interesting how Sven says he's disappointed with Diablo 3 but when asked about his thoughts about Skyrim, he pointedly skipped the question!
Yeah, that was weird.

I'm pretty sure he just felt comfortable saying he didn't like diablo3 because of the low metacritic user score.

What bothered me though was that he "played about 30 minutes" with his girlfriend and quit because it was too easy? Umm… Guess he missed everyone raging that Inferno was impossibly hard? Besides, does a game really have to show its most difficult sections/gameplay in the first 30 minutes? A game that's designed to be played for 100s of hours? He bought a diablo game and expected what, exactly? I'm pretty sure the hack n slash gameplay expected was provided.

Then he says he likes diablo2?! How is the first 30 minutes of diablo2 even remotely better than the first 30 in diablo3?! When I first played diablo2 I thought Act1 was the most boring, confusing zone in a game ever. Diablo1 was a million times better. I still think diablo1 is better, but eventually I did get into diablo2 playing co-op with pros who twinked me the whole way to free up stash space. (another thing the auction house killed!)

So, he didn't really give it a chance then he didn't really explain WHY he didn't like it. Not in the way you'd imagine a GAME DESIGNER to talk; with design FACTS rather than personal FEELINGS. He just said he didn't like it but didn't explain what he didn't like other than it being easy at the very start.

I'm bored of diablo3, and the auction house is mostly to blame for that, but I got 250 hours of co-op play out of it.(and did inferno rainbow world) When I quit it was because it was way too hard to play and the only way I could progress was to find items in the auction house!

edit: Having to win the game 3 times to play on hard is another matter, though. And you start to wonder if the "levels" really add to the game at all since you kinda get to level 1 when you hit level 60 and start playing on Inferno with its new multiple difficulty settings…. But I'll end that long rant early.
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