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April 9th, 2013, 07:54
I came across this news bit from gamebanshee a few days ago, and decided to share it. Basically Kotaku recently published a story about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. CD Projekt RED's managing director Adam Badowsk was interviewed.

I know many don't consider Kotaku a good news source, but they do surprise you sometimes. Here is a list of highlights:
• Dandelion will return in The Witcher 3, and he'll take on a similar duty to his role in The Witcher 2 narrating recaps of the story as you go. However, the format will be a bit different. There will still be a journal, but there'll also be a sort of "previously on The Witcher 3" animated story that plays at various points, or when you're coming back into the game after stopping. They're calling this feature "Storybook."

• They've built an animation system that has far more unique combat animations, which are somewhat randomly selected and chained together depending on where Geralt is swinging and what direction he's moving.
• Every button press gets you a single move in combat, meaning that you'll be able to break up your attacks much more easily than in The Witcher 2.
• The dodge is no longer a roll—now, Geralt will pirouette to dodge enemies. No more roley-poley combat.
• Parrying will now be active, and you can hold down a parry button and move, sort of like in Assassin's Creed.

• Signs will still be selected from a radial menu, but will also have shortcuts, and the shoulder buttons will let you toggle between them.
• There will be 10 Witcher's Signs instead of five, as there will be a second casting mode for each sign, which you can buy by leveling up.
• You'll also have combat "skills" that you can use, up to 4 active in combat.
• There won't be any arm-wrestling in the new game. Aw! But also… okay, that's fine actually.
• In addition to cutting QTEs, hand-to-hand combat will work completely differently. It'll be part of the main combat system, and will have moves that work and flow similarly to sword fighting.
Most of the info most already know, but there was some in the article not mentioned anywhere else. Enjoy

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