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April 9th, 2013, 11:15
Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
Because henchmen are supposed to be exactly that - extra hands. The game already features two fleshed out characters, and I'd rather the focus would be on them. When I hear companions I think of contrived reasons for adventuring and awsum cutscene sex.
Well Original Sin is a party RPG with strategic combat (in this case turn based), so the main reason for having companions in such games is to give some more depth and strategy to combat. All those Infinity engine games, such as BG 1&2 would have been a lot less fun without companions. I don't see why Original Sin is any different in that respect.

I am not sure why companions should result in "contrived" reasons for adventuring, on the contrary they can add to the story and reduce the number of fedex quests as they do in Baldurs Gate.

The Witcher series manages quite a bit of cut scene sex with just a single playable character; it doesn't seem obligatory that companions should increase that and I don't think that is Larian's intention.

In any case, since the game already has henchmen, making them more reactive and interesting surely makes sense. I imagine that even if the 800K is not reached they will do some work on this, the 800k goal is more to have companions of the same kind of scope and detail as BG2, I think.
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