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April 9th, 2013, 13:01
Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
I repeat myself: there are already two fleshed out characters in the party. I would be bummed if "henchmen" are upgraded to "companions", but the dialogue with them doesn't have the same depth as dialogue between the two core members. And that means A LOT of writing in this case. To which one could say, "doesn't matter as long as they can do it with that amount of money". Which would be true, but personally, I'd rather those ressources were spent on something else, because I don't want the focus to shift to other characters, and I personally very rarely get a kick out of PC "personalities" in CRPGs. It's just so rarely done well that I'm better served by leaving their personalities to my imagination.
What you actually said though was: "I hope you don't meet your 800k stretch goal." If they don't meet that goal then they wouldn't have those resources to put into other things anyway.

In any case, they aren't saying that they are going to make companions the same as the main two player characters. Think of it like this: In BG2 and most other games you roll up a single player character, whereas in Original Sin you can have two player characters. You can play both of those separately or merge them so that you have an integrated party that follows the decisions made by the leader, just as in BG. Then, each of your two characters can additionally have a single companion and a single summons making a maximum party size of six.

So they are not intending to make henchmen into player characters, just to give them some more personality and associated quests. This is no different to other role playing games. So what you are asking is the equivalent of stripping out all the characterization & differentiation from the companions in say BG2. If that's really what you would have wanted for BG2, you'd probably be in a minority of one .
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