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April 9th, 2013, 13:26
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
What you actually said though was: "I hope you don't meet your 800k stretch goal." If they don't meet that goal then they wouldn't have those resources to put into other things anyway.
Yes, as I already said, this point is moot if we assume that they are right, and it will take exactly this additional amount of money to create the reactivity they want.

So they are not intending to make henchmen into player characters, just to give them some more personality and associated quests. This is no different to other role playing games. So what you are asking is the equivalent of stripping out all the characterization & differentiation from the companions in say BG2. If that's really what you would have wanted for BG2, you'd probably be in a minority of one .
Uhm… you think no one except me would have been interested in a BG2 where you can create your entire party on your own, at the cost of personal quests and "banter" ? Just from reading RPG forums over the years, I think you're wrong. (and I know about making a multiplayer session, but it totally unbalances the game since this was not the devs' primary goal).

Companions in CRPGs are actually a pet peeve of mine. If you go out on a limp by assuming that Larian's scripted PC's will be loads of AWSUM, then you might not get why I'm against that. TTBOMK Larian doesn't have any credentials in this area though, so I'm not at all convinced. I expect cringe-inducing or boring dialogue where the characters' personality is played out in contrived ways to give them some semblance of depth ("I don't like you, you're a meanie, so I won't level up the skills you want me to").
Furthermore, IIRC Original Sin will use a classless system like all Divinity's, which makes differentiation among PC's difficult. Why does my PC have a set personality, but I can choose his skills as I please? OTOH, take away the character customization to enhance believability of the character, and I think you've misplaced your priorities.




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