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April 11th, 2013, 16:10
I know where the road to Hollin is, I've been on it but I never followed it all the way south. I will have to do that soon.

Does the road lead to Eregion/Moria after you finish up the Misty Mountains epic quests, do you know? I have one epic quest leading me to Angmar, and one quest in the Misty Mountains. I'd like to explore Eregion when I have an official quest or something leading me there, but if that doesn't happen soon then I'll just go down there on my own.

About to fire up LOTRO and finish up some Forochel stuff. I like how the first level of rep for Forochel is "outsider". That's a cool touch that makes sense and makes it seem more believable. I'm currently neutral with them. Probably going to grind a bit and try to increase my rep as much as possible with them. Not sure why, just for something to do I guess. I think I'm going to shoot for the "World Renowned" title and become kindred with every faction if I can…
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