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April 11th, 2013, 21:43
I plan on visiting Goblin Town soon. Once I gain a few levels in Forochel I plan on heading back to the Misty Mountains to finish up quests there.

Why do you feel Moria doesn't have the same magic as the rest of the game? I've loved every place I've visited thus far so I'm hoping Moria stands up to the rest of the game. We shall see. I guess I'll start that around level 50. Off to purchase that expansion right now actually…

Oh, and I definitely don't want to skip Lothlorien, so I'm only doing Moria up to level 55 anyway so I can start Lothlorien at the proper level. Even seems like a bit of a waste buying the entire expansion just for 5 levels of content, but I guess it's good to have…

Edit - Not sure if I should even purchase Moria, now. Mainly because I can quest to level 55 in Eregion, then immediately start Lothlorien. So it's a bit tricky. Time to do a little bit of research and figure this out…
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